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Autumn Lights

I have a high value for creativity, and I have recently developed a love of art. I am not only interested in the famous paintings of renaissance artists but I am particularly keen on the work of amazing captivators. Thats ultimately what art is, the pursuit of expressing a thought idea or image in a way that expresses beauty and draws in and captivates the common observer. Art isn’t just the ability to apply a medium to a piece of paper or a canvas in a certain style it is the ability to, produce, express, or portray a realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. Art is the science of significance. It is the ability to recognize and display or draw attention to significance. Art is made infinitely more meaningful if the artist is revealing a believe an ideal or a fascinating spectacle. This art piece really captured my imagination because it makes me feel as if I am sitting on a bench right after a thunderstorm at night with a cool breeze observing the lights. Lights are something we take for granted often their beauty is mistaken for functionality. There is something profoundly beautiful and captivating about the ingenuity of man to make light, and taking time to observe the little things is something I truly value.

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Tribal Headdress

Tribal Headdress

I have always had an innate fascination with Native Americans and when I stumbled across this art piece by Tyler Hill I loved it. I love nature especially learning how to be apart of it, but as this is not a driving passion of mine I am content to not venture into the forest and forever make my home among the leaves. However, the idea of living in the wild does intrigue my mind, and stories of people who have done that conjures up a certain respect in my heart. Something about being able to survive in a challenging environment really makes me feel accomplished, and despite loving technology and a time of fast paced living, I am quite fond of taking time to be in nature. There is something beautiful about being able to slow down and relax in God’s creation that I will never fully be able to comprehend.

If you like Tyler’s art you can click on the picture and it will take you to where I found it and you can view some of his other art. I am not as excited about his other work but this piece is fantastic.

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