This Blog is an attempt to write the unseen perspectives with a combination of witty, humorous, and divine takes on life. I would call myself an adventurer and this blog is in essence an invitation to come along on the adventure, to go where I go and see the things of life that many pass by and are often left unnoticed. All that is needed to thrive in the vibrance of life is the power of observation, a commitment to seeking Gods will, and the willingness to follow in his footsteps.

I am a young college student determined to learn and grow with a commitment to excellence and a determination to follow my purpose. This place of ingenuity and curiosity provides a productive foundation from which an inquisitive look at life will give a fresh look at things deemed old and a first look at things not yet discovered. I do not seek to impose my beliefs on others but I will state them with a conviction born of my little yet vast life experience. I seek to influence the world with an open mind and humble countenance. Please leave your comments as I would love to hear your take on what I write.


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