I experienced peace today. Perhaps not for the first time but definitely for the first time in a more meaningful way. It came as a subtle wave of comfort directly after a submission to the flow of the Holy Spirit by my heart. Rushing is contrary to the will of God because included in the will of God is timing. If I rush I have either missed the timing of God and am attempting to catch up or rush to a perceived benchmark of performance or I am not confident in the progression of events and so am trying to supersede my reality over Gods greater reality. Either way the act of rushing pushes me away from my spirits natural union with peace and promotes a hurried stressed atmosphere. I cannot receive the fullness of Gods grace in such an atmosphere. If I exercise trust and submit to the timing of God I will live in peace. That act of submission transmits my spirit to a third reality where events happen for a reason and being proactive is seen as seeking out the will of God before action. From that place I can find peace in every circumstance because my heart has surpassed logical understanding and I have broken the chains of constant mental work. I refuse to be rushed and will move with the Holy Spirit.

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2 thoughts on “Peace

  1. This is just the kind of thing I’ve been looking for! Excellent and thankyou!

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